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    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, tailgate party, or just want to shamelessly self-promote your business, this is a great way to make a statement, send a message, or just simply add a personal, celebratory touch to your parties.

    Get started now on your Plate-A-Cup DIY Labels or request custom Commercial Labels. - CLICK HERE

    Or, stay here for a bit and watch this tutorial “How to Make Custom Labels for Plate-A-Cup Using Avery Labels” by Eco-Eats founder, Nancy Kerr.

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    “I like this product and I don’t like everything. Before you even started I said I need this product”
    ~ Ken Rutkowski, Los Angeles radio talk show host of Business Rockstars

    “The plates were great! We used them last night, and we were very happy with them. People were reluctant to throw them away, because they are so nice!”
    ~ Lisa Boissier, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

    “Impressed with these...have used lots of sugarcane products that were not this well made. I think your prices are a huge reason some of these event planners may switch over. Bamboo in the past has been spendy...and sugarcane was not well made.”
    ~ Chef Dustin DesJardins, DCS Taste of Paso

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