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    Plate-A-Cup® by Eco-Eats® Partyware is revolutionizing the party experience and is the must-have of every food and beverage event!

    Say goodbye to the impossible balancing act of holding your plate, your drink and trying to eat at the same time!  Plate-A-Cup® by Eco-Eats® patented functional design allows party-goers to hold their beverage and plate in one hand -- freeing the other hand to eat, plate up food, shake hands, or pocket a business card.  Also, no more losing track of your beverage among the sea of abandoned drinks. Plate-A-Cup® frees you from having to stand watch over your drink while you eat, so you could now flow through a party or business function to mingle and network.

    We know it's hip to be square, but it's even more hip to be eco-friendly.  The Plate-A-Cup® signature square design allows the most efficient use of space in packaging. More can be shipped per square inch, thus reducing the amount of emissions put into the environment.  We have also diverted waste from going into the landfills by re-purposing sugarcane pulp after the sugar extraction process that would otherwise be discarded or incinerated. 

    Plate-A-Cup® is perfect for: parties, weddings, food & wine festivals, fairs/carnivals, concerts, picnics, camping, food trucks, sporting events, sport stadium luxery suites, wineries, business receptions/networking, trade shows, boating, tailgating, poolside parties, college campus catering, etc...

     Works with cups, cans, bottles, and short-stem wine glasses

     Less abandoned drinks = less drinks down the drain = less $ wasted

     Can be branded or personalized with a logo, statement, picture, etc...

     Reduces the need for tables & keeps drinks off furniture

     Made of sugarcane = 100% tree-free & plastic-free

     Biodegradable, compostable, sustainable, renewable

    * To learn how to brand or personalized Plate-A-Cup®, click here




    “I like this product and I don’t like everything. Before you even started I said I need this product”
    ~ Ken Rutkowski, Los Angeles radio talk show host of Business Rockstars

    “The plates were great! We used them last night, and we were very happy with them. People were reluctant to throw them away, because they are so nice!”
    ~ Lisa Boissier, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

    “Impressed with these...have used lots of sugarcane products that were not this well made. I think your prices are a huge reason some of these event planners may switch over. Bamboo in the past has been spendy...and sugarcane was not well made.”
    ~ Chef Dustin DesJardins, DCS Taste of Paso

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